The dish is believed to be of Tibetan origin and since then has spread to neighbouring countries along with the influx of the Tibetan. Since this dish was initially popular among the Newar Community of Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, one prevalent belief is that traveling Newari brought the recipe and the name MOMO from Tibet where the Newar used to go to trade. Originally, the filling of the dish was meat such as yak and Buffalo meat due to the scarcity of vegetables in Tibet. However, after arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal, the momo was made vegetarian in the modern era to feed the large population of vegetarian. After its arrived Kathmandu Newari People have changed and added more spices such as Garlic, Ginger, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamom, Clove etc. Originally Tibetan MoMo doesn’t add those spices at all. Like Burger and Pizza are popular here in US, MO:MO is consider same in Nepal.

Serving Delicious Nepalese Dumplings: MO: MO

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